White Glove Settlement Services

  • Review title application. Place order for all required searches based on scope of transaction. Forward Title Acknowledgment to all parties.
  • Provide appropriate parties with completed Title Commitment including all pertinent searches. Summary letter detailing all outstanding title issues to be addressed prior to closing and a copy of the Preliminary Closing Disclosure.
  • Contact lender to obtain a copy of the Mortgage Commitment letter and any requirements needed to close
  • If requested, order survey with proper certifications for buyers, sellers, and lenders from surveyor.
  • Complete review of Title Commitment to insure all judgments, liens, discharge of mortgages, real estate taxes, open mortgages, and any other outstanding issues are satisfied in preparation of closing.
  • Secure all payoff statements, commission bills, attorneys’ fees, real estate tax statements and outstanding utility fees in preparation of closing CD/HUD-1 Settlement Statement documents.
  • Communicate with lender in preparation of closing packages, CD/HUD-1 Settlement Statement approvals, and supply wiring instructions for escrow account to all appropriate parties.
  • Order final Title Rundowns to ensure no changes in the status of Title Commitment since title effective date.
  • Attend closing. Review and notarize lender package with borrowers and transfer documents, if desired.
  • Disburse all checks and wires (i.e. payoffs, taxes, etc.) associated with closing from our title escrow account or attorney account, if so desired. Provide lenders, borrowers, and attorneys with complete copies of closing documents.
  • Record all documents at County and/or State levels (i.e. Deeds, Mortgages, Discharges, UCC’s, etc.).
  • Secure cover records in preparation of Final Owner’s and Lender’s Title policies and delivery of Title policies to all appropriate parties.

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